Sunday, June 7, 2009

Truth about the 8 glasses of water a day

Ano ba talaga ang natatagong katotohanan sa 8 glasses of water a day men, nakakapogi ba ito o hinde, kung nakakapogi to sure maraming iinom ng tubig araw araw, as in galon galon siguro mga tsong, malamang mas mahal pa sa gasolina ang tubig, o kaya mag kakaroon na rin ng water station kagaya ng mga gas station, "cool". Who Says You Need Eight Glasses a Day?

So is drinking an 8-ounce glass of water eight times a day help flushing toxins out of your body?

Two men said “No”.

Two kidney specialists at the University of Pennsylvania, Drs. Dan Negoianu and Stanley Goldfarb, did a research on human water consumption behaviour and found this amazing truth.
The specialists suggest that the water play no part in flushing the toxins out of your body. In fact, kidney is the one part of the human body that does all the work.
Goldfarb reckoned that the whole idea about drinking as much as 8 full glasses of water every day comes from people misunderstanding that if drinking water is good, drinking more is better!
More water is good but only if you are working out or have been losing water from your body due to hot and dry climate or other activities. Else, the fluid that our body requires are already exist in our daily diet.
A study from Institute of Medicine, part of National Academy of Sciences once recommended that women and man should consume average 91 and 125 ounces of fluid daily repetitively. It does sounds like 11 to 16 glasses of fluid all together. But in actual fact, you get more than what you need in your daily diet already; in soup, coffee, soda, soup, and don’t forget 20% of what you need are also in the solid food we eat.
So drink only when you are thirsty because that is the way your body is designed. Amazing diba pero thats the truth men.